xbFootnoteTag v1.0.1

xbFootnoteTag v1.0.1
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05 July 2019
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NB xbFootnoteTag is now deprecated and replaced by xbRefs.

If you have xbFootnoteTag installed and wish to preserve your existing references ({ xbref...} shortcodes) then please update to this latest version (1.2.0) and check the Content plugin new option is NOT to delete existing references on uninstall, then uninstall and install a fresh xbRefs Plugins package and enable the new plugin.

If you don't mind loosing any existing shortcodes then uninstall xbFootnote tag and install xbRefs-Plugins package in its place.

See xbRefs article and documentation for more details

v1.0.1 17th July 2019
    Fixed bug in content plugin causing possible invalid SQL error
v1.0.0 15th July 2019
    Submission to Joomla Extensions Directory

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