xbCulture List module v0.1.2 
9th May 2021  J3

xbCulture List is a module to display a list of up to 50 items from either xbFilms or xbBooks with many flexible configuration options 

You can see an example of this module in action on the right (or below in mobile view) of this page, and also in the xbCulture demo areas.

The list can be displayed as either text or images (in which case only items with an image - poster or cover - ill be chosen). The text or image can optionally link to the single item view.  

The list can be filtered by category or tag and restricted to show only items with a review - in which case the rating will be shown. 

The list can be sorted as required and if more items are available than the number required for the list then a random selection ill be made hich refreshes on every page load.