Content plugin to automatically save at timed interval or by Ctrl+S/Cmd+S keystroke whilst editing an article.

See xbAutoSave article and documentation for more info

xbEdHideLight v0.2.0.2

Package of two buttons and one content plugin to hide or highlight content in editor view

xbFootnoteTag v1.0.1

Package containing xbFootnoteTag-Button and xbFootnoteTag-Content plugins for inserting references and footnotes into articles

See xbFootnoteTag article and documentation for more details

xbTipPop Button v1.2.0.1

Editor button plugin to insert bootstrap Tooltip or Popover into text.

See xbTipPop article and documentation for more detail

System Plugin xbTruncString is an override to fix bugs in the  JHtml::_('string.truncate',...) function in the Joomla Library

See article, documentation and hack for more details

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