xbRefs Plugins v2.1.0  J3

xbRefs v2.1.0 is now available. Minor changes for compatibility with forthcoming xbRefMan release.
Please check and re-save plugin options after upgrading

NEW xbRefMan Beta Preview  J3

New Component for managing references in articles

NEW xbRefs Plugins v2.0.0  J3

xbRefs v2.0.0 is now available. 

If you are still using xbFootnoteTag you should be aware this is no longer supported and you should switch to xbRefs as soon as possible.

NEW xbRefs Plugins v1.9.9.7  J3
Transitional Release

xbFootnoteTag is retired and replaced by xbRefs

If you are using xbFootnoteTag you should migrate to this transitional release which is backwards compatible prior to forthcoming upgrade to xbRefs v2.0

NEW xbMaps Content Plugin v0.1.0  xbMaps  v1.1.0  J3

xbMaps update to v1.1.0 and plg_content_xbmaps preview version 0.1.0 available now
xbMaps bugfixes and updates to work with plugin. Plugin parses {xbmaps shortcode in article