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xbPeople provides a relational database of people and characters who are associated with one or more of the main xbCulture components. It could also be used on its own to manage list of people, characters or groups


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People may be authors, directors, cast, crew, or real people appearing in a film or book. One person may have several roles in different items. A distinction is made between real people and fictional characters. Characters may appeart in both films and books (eg Sherlock Holmes) and may be played by different actors in different films

People and characters are shared across all xbCulture components. A film director may also write a book, appear in films as an actor, play banjo in a band, and be the subject of a biography. 

The standard Joomla Category and Tagging facilities are available for people and characters.

This component also provides front-end views for lists and details of people and characters and back-end editing facilities which are used by the other components. It also holds a library of Helper functions which are used in site and admin views for all xbCulture components.




  • implement datamanger for xbPeople

 Future ideas

  • Joomla 4 compatibility - only when required by paying client

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