com_xbarticleman-j5 v5.0.0.0 
17th March 2024 J5

xbArticleMan-j5 is a Joomla 5 version of the original xbArticleMan component with many enhancements and improvements.

It provides additional tools for managing articles, with views to list images, links, shortcodes and tags used by com_content articles. In addition a new TagItems admin view provides a list of all the items - both articles and items from other components - using Joomla tags.

The roadmap plan includes the addition of new site views for articles and tags - details below.

Documentation Roadmap Changelog 

Currently xbArticleMan offers seven main views in the backend:

  1. Dashboard - a summary of the counts of articles, categories, tags, images, links and shortcodes
  2. Article Edit - simpler editing of single article within xbArticleMan context. (group tags, quickly fix broken shortcodes and urls)
  3. Articles:Images - details of <img...> elements and intro/full image fields for each article (preview images and find broken urls)
  4. Articles:Links - details of <a ...> elements and the related links fields for each article (preview links and find broken urls)
  5. Articles:Shortcodes - details of plugin {shortcodes} in each article (track orphan shortcodes after uninstalling plugins)
  6. Articles:Tags - details of the tags assigned to each article (track tag usage with flexible filtering plus batch untag facility)
  7. Tag:Items - lists all articles and configurable other component items using a specific tag

In addition on each view there are modal 'eyecon'  previews for articles, images, and links. The article title in lists links to the xbArticleMan quick editor and an edit-icon opens the full com_content article editor in a new named tab so as not to loose the xbArticleMan contaxt.   

All Image links are checked on opening the Article:Images view and broken ones highlighted in red (this may cause a slight delay if you have a lot of off-site images in articles while they are checked). Internal <a...> links are checked on loading the Article:links view, but External Link checking is done separately as it can introduce significant delays in page loading.

Source code, issue reporting and discussion is available on GitHub

xbArticle Manager for Joomla 3 is still available. Details here and download here 

Article Manager J5 Roadmap

New features

  • Site Articles Blog view without restriction to single category and with full category and tag filtering (in menu options and search tools)
  • Site Articles List without restriction to single category and with full category and tag filtering (in menu options and search tools)
  • Site Tag Items view with option which component items to include
  • Site Article Tags list to show all tags assigned to articles with list of articles for each
  • open to other suggestions on GitHub

Article Manager J5 Changelog  

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