mod_xbsunupdown v3.3.1 
25th Sept 2014  J3

SunUpDown is a module to display the time of sunrise and sunset today anywhere in the world.

You set the latitude and longitude of your location, and you can have an optional line of text before and after the times. 

Select timezone in the parameters and the sun rise, sunset, and optional local time and date will be displayed adjusted for daylight saving.

Multiple instances can be displayed on the same page with different locations - simply in Module Manager click New and select SunUpDown and set new location parameters.

NB The optional time display is NOT a clock and the times for clock, sunrise and sunset are for the selected timezone at the moment that the module was loaded. Hence on the right the North Cornwall sunrise and sunset is 17 minutes after Greenwich, but the current time is the same. If you wait on this page for a minute the time will not change, if you leave the page displayed overnight it will show yesterday's sunrise and sunset until you refresh it.


v3.3.1 25th Sept 2014
    J3 compliance fixes
v3.3.0 17th August 2014
    First version for Joomla 3.x as minimal simple conversion from v1.7.0