xbRefs Plugins Package Changelog

v2.1.1 : 24th April 2022

  • update both plugins to v2.1.1; minor bugfixes and improvements

v2.1.0 : 31st March 2022

  • Updates to both plugins to v2.1.0 for xbRefMan compatibility and minor bugfixes 

v20.0.1 : 17th February 2022

  • removed a spurious archive folder which had crept into the package zip file. No impact on anything else

v2.0.0 : 10th February 2022 MAIN RELEASE

  • minor final tweaks and bugfixes to both plugins v2.0.0

v1.9.9.7 : 4th February 2022

  • including xbRefs-Content v1.9.9.7 and xbRefs-Button v1.9.9.7

v1.9.9.3 : 29th January 2022

  - bug fix in uninstal script.
  - now includes xbRefs-Content v1.9.9.3 and xbRefs-Button v1.9.9.2

v1.9.0.2 : 28th January 2022
  - fixed highlighting and links in tag description bugs

: 27th January 2022
 - Initial release as per xbFootnoteTag v1.2.0 with naming changed
 - contains xbRefs-Content v1.9.0.1 and xbRefs-Button v1.9.0.1

See separate changelogs for xbRefs-Content and xbRefs-Button

Summary of changes from xbFootnoteTag

  • removed 'addtag' options as it didn't work properly and was creating unnecessary load.
    (maybe be replaced in different form in future version)
  • added xbRefs-Content option to preserve shortcodes on uninstall (default is to remove them)
  • allowed setting of footnote colours in xbRefs_Content options as alternative to using built-in CSS
  • removed option to hide shortcode in editor from xbRefs-Button (not considered useful)
  • improved layout in editor
  • trying to create a popover only with no text selected will do nothing and generate advisory