xbMaps Changelog

v1.5.2.2 : 4th January 2024

  • New Option to choose FontAwesome source for markers
  • Dashboard bugfixes and minor layout changes
  • Spurious & redundant files deleted on update

v1.5.0.2 : 2nd January 2024

  • Modal previews of Maps and Tracks by clicking the eyecon
  • minor bug fixes


v1.4.4.3 : 30th December 2023

  • Added check boxes to track list on multi-track maps to show/hide individual tracks


v1.4.2 : 13th December 2023

  • data and/or files can now be saved on uninstall (config option)
  • added optional elevation image for track
    • if present shown below map on site track view with click to expand
    • option to uload and select elevation image for track
  • added option to create new folders for gpx and elevation files from track edit view
  • bugfixes and improvements to file selection and install script


v1.3.5 : 4th December 2023

  • Maps and Track lists can now be sorted and filtered by recording date
  • Control Panel renamed Dashboard for consstentcy with other xb components
  • various minor bug fixes


v1.3.0 : 28th February 2023

  • Markdown code can be used in map and track summaries
  • Improved method for selecting gpx folder and file for tracks
  • Improved uploading of gpx files - destination defaults to current gpx subfolder and file can be renamed on upload
  • default activity type can be preset in options
  • tracks with same start & finish point (loops or out-and-backs) use special combined icon
  • summary or description is no longer required for tracks
  • track stats can appear in info box on both map and track views
  • improved method for selecting which info/stats to show (checkboxes)
  • many other minor bugfixes and layout improvements

v1.2.1 : 19th February 2023

  • finally got round to fixing annoying bug in selecting track upload folder

v1.1.0 : 27th December 2021

  • minor bugfixes
  • integration with xbMaps Content Plugin

v1.0.0 : 14th November 2021