v0.6.5 30th December 2020 RELEASE CANDIDATE 1
    optional columns for site list view
    new Category views (admin & site)
    People categories separated from Books & Reviews (to share with xbFilms)
    all views layout improvements and many bugfixes
v0.6.0 10th November 2020 BETA1
    separate table for characters
v0.5.8 7th November 2020 ALPHA5
    site tags views working
    export CSV working, import csv improved
    removed real/fictional flag on persons table pending new characters table
    many minor tweaks to all views (site & admin)
0.5.6 and 0.5.7 bug fixes
v0.5.5 25th October 2020 ALPHA4
    removed requirement for either summary or details to be set for books, people and reviews
    added new book field 'cat_date' for the date that the book was acquired or read
    refactored field name 'date_read' to 'rev_date' for the bookreviews table
0.5.4 24th October 2020 ALPHA3
    Import CSV, improvments to SQL Import and Site List views 
v0.5.2 and 0.5.3 bug fixes
v0.5.1 14th October 2020