Module v4.0.0 29th March 2015


New version 4.0.0 New version 4.0.0 now saves tide times to database on first call of day, thus speeding subsequent page loads. Also implemented update server.

The parameters for the module allow selection of main tidal port (from NTSLF list), specification of an offset time, text to appear before and after the table, and how many days to include in the table. If showing only today's tides then you can select either high or low or both tides.

You can also set text to appear above and below the tide times and optionally show the date.

Some hosts block use of file_get_contents() - if you get an error 'NTSLF Page Not Found' try selecting curl instead of fopen in the parameter.

Conversely some hosts do not load the curl library with php - in this case try selecting fopen instead.


A default stylesheet is installed in the media folder and is referenced by a style prefix (default = 'moduktides_') specified in the parameters. This can either be edited directly (it is in [siteHome]/media/mod_uktides/css/mod_uktides.css ) or overridden in the normal way.

The following classes are used with the prefix: table, td, oddrow, evenrow, pretext, date, posttext, footer.

This is the display code to show how the styling works with the default class prefix:

<div class="moduktides_">
<div class="moduktides_pretext">Text before table
<div class="moduktides_date ">Sun 10 Aug</div>
<div style="width:150px; margin-left:auto; margin-right:auto; ">
<table style="width:150px;">
<tr class="oddrow">
<tr class="evenrow">
<tr class="oddrow">
<div class="moduktides_posttext">Text after table</div>
<div class="moduktides_footer">Footer text</div>



v4.0.0 29th March 2015
    saving data in database so only one call to NTSLF per day
    update server implemented
v3.4.0 27th Nov 2014
    option to select curl or fopen to get table
v3.3.1 25th Sep 2014
    strict standards compliance
v3.3.0 6th August 2014
    Version for Joomla 3.x based on v2.5.1