plg_content_autosave v1.1.0.0 
10th December 2018 

The Joomla content plugin Autosave allows for timed automatic saving of work whilst editing an article or triggering a save with Ctrl+s. 

The autosave interval can be set in seconds (default 30sec) and timed save and keystroke save can be enabled separately. 

plg_button_elembtn v1.2.0.0 
8th December 2018 

The Joomla plugin Element Button (elembtn for short) provides a quick and easy way of inserting elements into an article without having to remember the detailed syntax. 

Once enabled a new button appears in the TinyMCE editor. 

Component v0.3.0.1 6th July 2018   

PD-Addon is an extension to the PhocaDownload (PD) component. It is only of any use if you have PhocaDownload installed on your site.  

It adds two new elements to the PhocaDownload data - a 'slug' or short description for the files and categories for the tags. Three new Admin views are provided - a tag editor, a tag category editor, and an improved file list view. 

Module v1.0.1 3rd Dec 2016  

SunClock is a novel clock. Rather than displaying the time since midnight, it displays the time since the last sunrise, and optionally time to the next sunset or sunrise. 

Module v3.3.1 25th Sept 2014  

SunUpDown is a module to display the time of sunrise and sunset today anywhere in the world.

You set the latitude and longitude of your location, and you can have an optional line of text before and after the times.