Old Versions

AutoSave Plugin v1.1.1.1

DO NOT USE THIS - it is only here to facilitate updating to the new v2.0 xbAuoSave 

UK Tides Module v4.0.0

WARNING - UK Tides Module no longer works - needs update to work with new NTSLF website format

Module to display tide times for a UK port for up to 7 days using data from NTSLF website.
v4.0 saves data each day so page load times improved. Also update server now implemented.

US Tides Module v4.0.0
 WARNING - US Tides Module no longer works. Needs updating to work with new NOAA website format

Module to display US Tides for a single tide station using data from NOAA website.
v4.0 saves data on first call of day to improve subsequent page loads. Also update server implemented.

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